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Strength Training for Runners New

Build Power and Speed! Use of free weights, body weight training and plyometrics to gain strength, prevent injury and increase speed.  A perfect lead into the Triathlon Training program.

Offered Session 1, 2, and 3.

DAYS: Tuesday
TIME: 6:15-7:15 pm
COST PER SESSION: $20 Members, $25 General Public (more…)

Tabata (HIIT) New and Improved

Tabata is a high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training class that will push your body to the edge. This class will utilize a variety of exercises in Tabata intervals (20 sec on 10 rest) to increase your aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity and resting metabolic rate. In simple terms, you will burn a ton of calories, get stronger, leaner and overall healthier!

TIME: 7:15-7:45 pm
COST PER SESSION: $18 Members; $36 General Public


Yoga: Saturday Morning New

Recovery of mind, body and soul! Spend an hour of your weekend re-energizing your body and spirit!

DAY: Saturdays
TIME: 9-10 am
COST PER SESSION: $18 Members; $36 General Public


Fit Frenzy New

Mix up your routine!! Every Thursday will be a different workout! Enjoy KICKBOXING, STEP, DRUMMING, HI LOW AND HIP HOP! Make every workout an adventure!

DAY: Thursdays
TIME: 6:15-7:15 pm
COST PER SESSION: $18 Members; $36 General Public (more…)

Parkinson’s Cycling Free New

We know that fast-paced cycling is changing the lives of increasing numbers of participants who, before this, had no hope beyond medication and eventually surgery to slow the progression of the disease.

So PEDAL TO LIVE BETTER! This is not a cure and not meant to be one but can reduce the symptoms tremendously.

DAY: Tuesday & Thursdays
TIME: 11am – Noon
COST: Free

Call for more information.  Pre-registration and doctor referral are required.

Pedal Pushers New

Great for beginners! Half-hour low impact cardio class to get your heart rate revved up while increasing your endurance.

DAY: Wednesday
TIME: 11-11:30 am
Cost Per Session: $40 Members, $30 General Public

Space is limited. Call or visit the front desk to register.

Autism Support Group Free

The Northern Lights YMCA–Dickinson Center, along with Dickinson/Iron Intermediate School District and Dickinson County Healthcare System are pleased to partner to offer a Parent/Child Autism Support Group.

The purpose of this group is to bring parents and children together for support, ideas, and encouragement. This group meets four times during the school year. There will also be an activity for children while parents connect.

AGES: All Ages
COST: $0 Members & General Public
DAY/TIME: Four Meetings throughout the school year – To be determined.

Call or visit the front desk for more information

Private Swim Lessons

One-on-one private swim lessons are available by purchasing a punch card from the YMCA Welcome Desk for one, three or five lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes in length, scheduled as desired based on instructor availability. Participants need to keep track of card and present it at each lesson. Please call 774-4076 for more information or to register.

AGES: Any age

WHEN: As scheduled with instructor


    • 1 Lesson: $20 Members; $40 for General Public
    • 3 Lessons: $55 Members; $110 General Public
    • 5 Lessons: $85 Members; $170 General Public

There will be a 40% up-charge for having two participants in a lesson.

WHERE: NLYMCA-Dickinson Center Pool

Kids Night Out

Youth participants will enjoy a Gym & Swim at the YMCA, while parents enjoy a night out! Please bring your bathing suit & towel. Pre-registration is required.

AGES: 3-12 years
DAYS: Friday, February 23 & Friday April 20
TIMES: 6-8:30 pm
COST PER DATE: $10 Members; $12 General Public


Schools Out Fun Day

Youth participants will enjoy a day at the Y. Youth will enjoy group games, crafts, outdoor activities, and swimming in our area’s largest pool. Please bring outdoor clothing, bathing suit, towel, lunch & afternoon snack. Pre-registration is required.

AGES: 5-12 years
DAYS: Friday, May 4
TIMES: 9 am – 4 pm
COST PER SESSION: $24 Members; $30 General Public
Before Care (7:30-9 am) and After Care (4-5:15 pm) available for additional charge. If before and/or after care is needed, please call 774-4076 to register.


Babysitting – Safe Sitter Babysitting Course

We provide you with Safe Sitter curriculum that is appropriate for the intellectual and emotional abilities of adolescents (must be 11). Our curriculum is based on up-to-date information and injury prevention for specific age groups. We emphasize to adolescents the profound responsibility of nurturing and protecting children. Pre-registration is required.

AGES: 11 years and up


  • Friday, December 22, 9 am – 2 pm
  • Saturday, January 27, 8 am – 1 pm

COST: $66 Members; $100 General Public
WHERE: Northern Lights YMCA


Basketball – Youth

A great class teaching the fundamentals of basketball. Participants will have fun playing games while they gain knowledge and learn skills in dribbling, passing & shooting. Lowered rims & youth basketballs will be used.

AGES: 6-8 years
DAY: Sundays
TIME: 3:45-4:30 pm
COST PER SESSION: $35 Members; $58 General Public
WHERE: YMCA Gymnasium


Basketball – Lil Dunkers

Introductory Pee Wee class teaching the fundamentals of basketball. Participants will have fun playing games while they gain knowledge and learn skills in dribbling, passing & shooting. Lowered rims & youth basketballs will be used.

AGES: 3-5 years
DAY: Sundays
TIME: 3-3:30 pm
COST PER SESSION: $35 Members; $58 General Public
WHERE: YMCA Gymnasium


Gymnastics II – Intermediate Progessive

Intermediate gymnasts must have previous gymnastics experience and skills of forward roll, backward roll, handstand, and cartwheel independently. Gymnasts in this class will learn to progress tumbling skills, beginner beam tumbling skills, and increase bar and vault skills difficulty.

AGES: 5-12 years
DAYS: Tues. & Thurs; OR Saturday
TIMES: Weekdays – 6:15-7 pm; Saturday 10:45 am – 12 pm
COST PER SESSION: $35 Members; $58 General Public (1 Class Option)
$63 Members; $105 General Public (2 Class Option)
WHERE: YMCA Gymnastics Center


Foam Rolling & Yoga New

RECOVERY AND STRETCHING! Foam Rolling is a form of Self-Myofascial Release, aka “poor man’s massage.” It increases blood flow throughout the body producing better movement and range of motion. Will help decrease the chance of injury and decrease recovery time after a workout. All done with a foam roller and infused with Yoga!

WHEN: Tuesday & Thursday
TIME: 6:30-7:15 am
COST PER SESSION: $20 Members; $40 General Public (more…)

Pound New Time

Release your inner ROCK STAR!! Join this drumming inspired boredom buster of a workout!! This workout will have your heart beating to a different drum!

WHEN: Tuesday & Thursday
TIME: 5:30 – 6:15 pm
COST PER SESSION: $25 Members; $50 Gen Public

Ski School Program (Age 7+) Off-Site Outdoors

A community partnership program with Pine Mountain Resort Ski School.  This is a series of progressive classes.  We strongly encourage students to attend all five classes.

  • FREE Ski 3-4 PM (parental permission required)
  • One FREE hot chocolate every week
  • Pizza Party after last class
  • Reduced Pricing for 2017/2018 Season Ski Pass
  • 3 FREE full day lift tickets upon completion of class
  • 1 FREE day pass to the Northern Lights YMCA upon completion of class.

Register at the YMCA front desk or at Pine Mountain Ski School desk.

DATES: Sundays, Jan 28, Feb 4, 18, 25, March 4
TIME: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
WHERE: Pine Mountain Golf & Ski Resort

COST: Cost is for all five weeks and cannot be prorated.

  • $160, Package 1: Lessons, Rental, 1/2 day lift tickets
  • $130, Package 2: Lessons, 1/2 day lift tickets
  • $95, Package 3: Lessons only

Adult Lap Swim Training

Program provides training for competitors, as well as triathletes and fitness swimmers. Class is led by experienced coaches and aims to meet individual swimmers’ needs. Designed for, but not limited to, the intermediate or advanced swimmer who would like to improve on endurance and stroke technique. Competitive swimmers and beginners are welcome! Coaches will be on deck, and workouts will be pre-formatted.

AGES: 13 and up
WHEN: Sundays and Thursdays
TIME: 6-6:45 pm
COST PER SESSION: $36 Members; $87 for General Public
WHERE: NLYMCA-Dickinson Center Pool

Day Camp – Spring Break (Age 5-12)

Spend your spring break with us! Join us for fun-filled days of arts & crafts, swimming, and games. Bring sack lunch, swimsuit, towel, and outdoor clothes.

AGES: 5-12years
WHEN: 9:00am-4:00pm
WHERE: YMCA Youth Room
COST: $22/day for Members and $26/day for General Public
DATES: April 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Before Care: 7:45am-9am, After Care: 4:00pm-5:15pm

Call or visit the front desk to register.

Gymnastics – Open Gym (Age 5-12) Free for Members

Open gymnastics is an independent extra practice time for any current participant in our Progressive Gymnastics Classes supervised by gymnastics staff. Gymnasts will be able to work on a specific skill or all four events.

AGES: Open to all participants of any class (except Pee Wee)
DAYS: Friday
TIMES: 6:45-7:45 pm
COST PER DAY: $0 Member; $6 General Public