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Fly Fishing Workshops New

SATURDAY, APRIL 14: Introduction to Fly Fishing: 8-10 am. ($30 Members; $45 General Public)
Class will include an introduction to trout and other fish species and their common habitat, rivers and lakes. Where fish can be found and what they eat. Equipment needed and what to use for which target species. Introduction to basic fly casting.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18: Michigan/Wisconsin Fly Fishing: 5-7 pm ($30 Members; $45 General Public)
Class will focus on the different bodies of water around the Michigan/Wisconsin area. We will discuss the differing rules and regulations, season dates, and license fees. We will also discuss different types of streams; Trout streams vs normal rivers. Basic fly casting.
SATURDAY, APRIL 21: Tying flies: 8-11 am ($55 Members; $75 General Public)
Greg Rogers from Appleton Wi will be joining us and teaching a fly tying class and how to create the illusion of bait. Class will also include fly hatches and why you need to use them and the anatomy of fish. Intermediate and basic fly casting. *Each participant will receive one(1) fly tying kit, spaces are limited*
THURSDAY, APRIL 26: Advanced Fishing Skills: 5-7 pm ($30 Members; $45 General Public)
Class will include elements of advanced fishing skills including spawn bags vs flies, wet vs dry flies, spin casting vs fly casting, and what other fish there are to fish. Casting will take place in the pool. Bring waders if you have them

NOTES: Register for all 4 classes and only pay: $120 Members; $180 General Public. Practice equipment will be provided at each class for the casting portion of the class. You are able to bring your own equipment to use during the class.