2018 Annual Campaign

OUR GOAL: $124,000


Last year I was able to bring my family of 8 to the YMCA for the Fall Family Festival because it was a free event. It has been all my kids have talked about. My health is not good and I am on disability for a spinal injury. Financial assistance would provide a healthy environment for us to go together while I work on my well-being.
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-Mom from Escanaba

Call and Pledge TODAY!

The YMCA’s Annual Campaign allows us all to imagine more for children, families and adults in our community. 100% of every dollar given to the YMCA Annual Campaign is invested in the lives of people who need the Y. Help us imagine more. Help us do more.


Last year the YMCA provided financial assistance to over 900 individuals, primarily youth and those will special needs.


Your gift goes beyond helping individuals. It helps support over 38 programs that require community support. In this way your contribution helps thousands more.


Through special events like our Healthy Kids Day and the Fall Family Festival over 1,200 kids celebrated their youth by learning about health & wellness all while playing games and being active.


Just as the YMCA benefits from the generosity of our community, it also gives back to the community. Annually the YMCA gives over $29,250 in contributed memberships to annual events and special events.

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Bay College Facility, Administration & Staff
Bink’s Coca Cola
Community Foundation for Delta County
Greg & Linda Yagodzinski
Hannahville Indian Community

Island Resort & Casino
Paddy Fitch
TV6 & Fox UP
UP Health System


Classic Auto Collision
David Woodworth
Dr. Fred & Brijet Shaw
Escanaba Rotary Club
Floline Media
Gary & Donna Nash
In Memory of Mark Maniaci

Ken & Pat Gartland
OSF St. Francis Hospital
Sam & Elinor Benedict
State Wide Real Estate
Upper Peninsula State Bank
Wells Fargo
YMCA Health & Wellness Staff


BNI Group
Bob Wood
Burkart, Lewandowski, & Miller
Canadian National Railroad
Caron & Todd Salo
Chatfield Machine / Napa
Christian Park Center
Christian Park Village
Dan & Cindy Matthys
Delta County Credit Union
Dennis Guindon
Don’s HVAC
Edward Jones
Elmer’s County Market
Engineered Machined Products
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad
Escanaba Kiwanis
First Bank
First Presbyterian Church
Garceau Insurance Agency
GFWC-Escanaba Woman’s Club
Halbinsel Volkswagen Mazda
In Memory Bugs & Nellie Cooper
In Memory of Bea & Clinton Fitch
In Memory of Corky Sundquist
In Memory of Janet Ostrander
In Memory of Naomi Hult

Morning Pool Friends
Ouwinga Orthodontics
Paul Mitchell the School
Payne & Dolan
Premier Real Estate
Radio Results Network
Robert & Jeanine Dagenais Foundation
Scott & Jeffyn Herioux
Skradski Funeral Homes of Delta County
Steven Flath DDS
Stewart Manufacturing
Susan & Joe McDonnell
Tackman Capital Management
Terry Hampton
The Daily Press
Thomas & Piper Desy
Tom Mitchell
UP Rehab
Veeser / Wery Agency – Farm Bureau Insurance
Ward’s Auto Body – Derby & Deb Chase
YMCA Aquatic Staff
YMCA Front Desk Staff
YMCA Housekeeping & Maintenance Staff
YMCA Youth & Finance Staff


Aaron & Casey Young
Abigail Fritz
Adam Erickson
Addam Claes
Adrienne St. Vincent
Advanced Tech Service Center
Aktion Club
Allen Hansen
Allo Funeral Home
Amber Lippold
Amy Cousineau
Amy Deiter
Amy Dyer
Amy Fudala
Amy Mathieson
Anderson Tackman
Andex Industries
Andrea Merki
Andy & Cathy Claes
Andy Fase
Angela LaBay
Ann Brzezniak
Ann Davison
Ann Valiquette
Anne Okonek
Anthony LaPlant
Arlene Marohnic
Astro U. P.
Autumn Hedlund
Barb Lindstrom
Barb Litts
Barb Schwalbach
Barb Scott
Barbara Piaget
Bark River Concrete Products
Bark River Lions Club
Bay de Noc Golden Kiwanis
Bay Land Upholstery
Bay Veterinary Clinic
Bays de Noc Gobblers
Bayview Truck & Auto
Becson Embroidery
Benoit’s Lock & Glass
Beth Berube
Bev VandeVusse
Bichler Gravel & Concrete
Bill Jensen
Bill & Gigi Overholt
Bill & Jennifer Cornish
Bill & Rita Swartz
Bill Marmalick
Bill Milligan
Billy Electric
Bishop Noa Home
Bittner Corporation
Bob & Carol Prins
Bob & Julie Aschbacher
Bob Pietsch
Bobaloons Café
Boston Hood
Brad Hansen
Brad Vetter
Brady & Marcy Downey
Brandy McDonald
Brenda Brunette
Brent Madalinski
Bri Grimm
Brian Pahnke
Brian & Nancy Larche
Brian Black
Brian Brown
Bridget Kennedy
Brienne LaVigne
Brooke & John Buckley
Bruce & Carol Irving
Bugay Heating & Cooling
Butch & Liz LaBay
Cal Grinding
Carlyon Dentistry
Carol McCall
Carolyn Mokszycke
Cassandra Nelson
Charlie & Kathy Becker
Chelsea Johnson
Cheri & Tim Lehto
Cheryl Irving
Cheryl Ohman
China Lilly
Chip Olsen
Chris & Denise Young
Chris & Linda Holmes
Chris Cooper
Chris Williams
Christian Nelson
Christine Morrow
Cindy Carter
Cindy Bintner
Cindy Reinhart
Clint Monson
Cloverland Paper
Coldwell Banker Pro Realty
Cole Nelson
Colene & James Peterson
Connie Martinsen
Cooper Office Equipment
Corrine Dittrich-Kidd
Cortney Martin
Cory Cousineau
Cory Larson
Craig Smith
Crawford Funeral Home
Cristine Borgstrom
Curtis Bizeau
Cynthia & Scott Shepeck
D&M Subs
Dan McDonald
Danna Kuhr
Darrell & Marie Bengry
Daryl & Fran Prey
Dave Nemacheck
Dave & Anne Schaaf
Dave & Carol Borden
Dave & Connie Penoza
Dave & Roberta Johnson
Dave & Robyn Douglas
Dave Bosilovatz
Dave Cannon
Dave, Danielle, Carson, & Taylor Artley
David Konkel
Dean Schoen
Deb and Tony Fudala
Deb Haines
Deb Porath
Debbie Nolde
Decker Koepp Auto
DeGrand, Reardon, & Hall
Delta Abstract & Title
Delta Manufacturing
Denette Kirschner
Denise Dufek
Dennis & Cheryl Stanek
Dennis Wiltzius
Diane Mayville
Diane Oxford
Dirk Manson
Dobber’s Pasties
Don & Grae LeMire
Don & Linda Howlett
Don & Sue Victorson
Don Aronson
Don Curran
Don Pfotenhauer, DDS
Donna Thurston
Doris Begalle
Doug Gavriloff
Dr. Abraham & Viviam Campbell
Dr. Don Nyquist
Dr. Steve & Kathy Dosh
Drs. Eric & Beth Knudsen
DS Tech
Duane Beauchamp
E & E Furniture
Earl Grandchamp
Ed & Vicky Giguere
Elaine Sigan
Eleanor & Jon LaFreniere
Elizabeth Deneau
Elizabeth Irving
Eric Sigfrids
Eric & Debbie Spindler
Eric & Paula Lundin
Eric Swanson
Erica Mead
Erik Bessonen
Erika Barnhart
Ernie & Alison Burch
Ernie’s Irish Pub
Escanaba Elks
Escanaba Heartbreakers Fastpitch
Escanaba Public Safety

Family Inn
Final Touches
First Lutheran Church
Four Seasons Small Engine Repair
Framecrafters Gallery
Frank Nelson
Frazer Mechanical
Frazers Auto Repair
Friends of the Esky Schools
Gary & Cheryl Lambert
Gary & Lorna Charlevoix
Gary & Lynn Bisson
Gary Butryn
Gary Greis
George & Susan Rusch
Gladstone Eye Care
Gladstone Lions Club
Gladstone Yacht Club
Glen Johnson
Golden Acre Kennels
Grand Magnuson Pioneer Inn & Suites
Great Lakes 1st Federal Credit Union
Great Lakes Sportmans Club
Great North Auto Wash Inc
Great Northern Dental
Greg & Lynn Woelffer
Greg Coyne Trucking
Hadele Peacock
Health Way Nutrition
Heather Berg
Heidi Robitaille
Hereford and Hops
Heynssen’s Selins
Hildie Saunders
Hobie & Mary Ahrens
Hoegh Industries Bay Waters Cremation
Holly Niswonger
In Memory of Annice Cappeart
In Memory of Gary Jenshak
Independent Machine
Integra First Federal Credit Union
Iverson’s Home Center
Jack Lindstrom
Jack’s Restaurant
James & Denise Boyle
James Henderson
Jamie & Chrissy Segorski
Jane & Bob Kleiman
Janice Barker
Janice VanEffen
Jason & Amy Sundquist
Jason & Rachell Lippens
Jason Fudala
Jay Kulbertis
Jay & Mary Neumann
Jay & Sandy Bennetts
Jayson Rains
Jeff & Rosalie Naser
Jeff’s Glass & Window, Inc.
Jennifer Laviolette
Jennifer McCann
Jerry Bartol
Jerry Hampton
Jesse Huff
Jessica Erickson
Jill & Kurt Strasler
Jill Martin
Jim & Deb Kirby
Jim & Elizabeth Moberg
Jim & Sandy Wilson
Jodi Davis
Jody Bergeon
Joe & Laura Piron
Joe Russo
Joel & Missy Schultz
John & Rosemary Anderson
John & Val Hickner
John Belanger
John Erickson
John Skellenger
John Stevenson
John Stus
Johnson Distributing
Jon & Julie Neisius
Jon Miller
Jordan Ogren
Joseph Mold
Josh & Michelle Sampson
Joy & Dick Liebel
Judi DeGrand
Judy Cappeart
Judy Granger
Julie Dollhopf
Justin & Trisha Izzard
Kaleb Holberton
Karen Maki
Karen & Rich Hubert
Karl & Mary Linderoth
Kathy Wolak
Kay Johnson
Kayla Peltin
Keith Proctor
Kel & Estelle Smyth
Kelly & John Erdody
Kelly Dental
Kelly Florenski
Kelly Hansen
Ken & Rose Myllyla
Ken & Susan Weyers
Ken Schell
Kent & Sandy Anderson
Keystone Automotive
Kim & Jennifer Pepin
Kim Harris
Kimberly & Brian Burroughs
Kirsten Williams
Kivioja & VanEffen CPA
Kjell Johnson
Klein Agency AAA
Kyle Closs
Kyle Mattson
Lake Bluff Retirement Village
Lakeshore Chiropractic
Lara Lindbauer
Larry & JoAnn Leffel
Laura & Dave Johnson
Laura Coleman
Laurie Dahlke
Les & Jeanne Rose
Les Cseter
Leslie Kallio
Liberty Tax
Linda Laviolette
Linda Jerick
Linda Klope
Linda Wicklund
Lionel & Sharon Herioux
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Broman
Lisa Carley
Lisa Hinstala
Lisa LaCasse
Lisa Mabie
Little Bay Concrete
Lori & Rodney Wells
Lorna Hiney
Louise Diedrich
Lucille Nolan
Luft Insurance Agency
Lynn George
Maddie Laviolette
Mammoth Granite
Marble Arms
Marcia Pepin
Marcia Short
Marilyn Blake
Mark & Debbie Weber
Mark & Linda Asselin
Mark & Lisa Cloutier
Mark & Renae Highum
Mark & Sue Bader
Mark & Terri Irving
Mark Ammell
Marlene Paavilainen
Mary Schwalbach
Mary Bosk
Mary Gauthier
Mary Harrington
Mary Harvey
Mary Rogers
Matt Barron
Matthew LeClaire
Maureen Chaillier
Maureen Franklin
Megan Gouin
Meier’s Signs
Mel’s Lawn Garden & Feed
Michel LaPine
Michelle Marenger
Michigan Broadband

Mike & Lisa Dagenais
Mike Berbohm
Mike Dewar
Mike Pryal
Mike Smith
Miller’s Action Office Supply, Inc.
Misha Goodchild
Missy Kaukola
Mo Curry
Molly Campbell
Morrison Shop
Nancy Mathews
Nanoseconds/C&C Sales
Naser Propane
Nelson Well Drilling & Pumps
Ness Contracting
Niagara Logistics
Nicholas Manor
Nicole Pontus-Sinnaeve
NK Electric
Noc Bay Trading
NOR-FAB Manufacturing
North Woods Place by Enlivant
Northern Insurance Agency
Northern Screen Printing
Nyman Jewelers
Oak Bluff
Oscar DeLong
Pam Caron
Pam Leisner
Pampered Pets
Passageways Travel
Pat & Sherry Dagenais
Pat Friets
Pat Johnson
Patricia LaFave
Patrick Caramella
Patti Seymour
Paul & Claudia Bradfield
Paul & Janice Gayan
Paul & Kathy Harvey
Paul & Maureen Schunk
Pearson Asbestos Abatement
Peggy Bergh
Peninsula Federal Credit Union
Peter & Becky Noblet
Peter & Cindy Brock
Phil Strom
Pioneer Quick Lube
Pioneer TV & Appliance
Rachael Fountaine
Ralph Curry
Randy & Julie VanPortfliet
Randy & Lori Kleiman
Randy Malueg CPA LLC
Randy Peterson
Rapid River Lions Clubs
Rapid River Relic Riders
Ray & Donna Charboneau
Rebecca Brownwell
Rebecca Gouin
Rebecca McGuire
Richard & Nancy LaFave
Richard’s Printing
Rick & Melissa Ness
Rob Caliguri
Robert Goebel
Robin Alexander
Roger & Norma Kulas
Roman & Gayle Gill
Ron LaCasse
Ryan & Randi Wender
Sally Rappette
Salon West & Spa
Sandy Wanic
Schneider, Larche, Haapala, & Co.
Scott & Jean Brant
Scott & Linda Peterson
Scott Dykema
Shanna Hammond
Sharon Erickson
Sharon Gilbert
Sharon Ide
Shaun Carignan
Sherrie Johnson
Shireen McLaughlin
Shirley Gollach
Solutions Telecommunications
Stacey Trudell
Stacy Sands
Stenberg Bros., Inc.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen & Kristi Steger
Stephen Merki
Sterling Media Marketing
Steve Scott
Steven Belanger
Steven Gasperich
Stupak Law Office
Suburban Propane
Sue Harris
Sue Wanic
Sue & Wayne Bucholz
Sue Roberts
Sue Sundstrom-Young
Sunset Lodge
Susan Carpiaux
Susan Johnson
Susan Quinn
Tammy Jensen
Tammy Winling
Tammy Wolfe-Beauchamp
Taylor McFarlane
Taylor, Lord and Hughes
Ted & Sally Brainard
Terrace Bay Inn & Suites
Terry St. Pierre
The Grounds Nursery LLC
The Stonehouse
Theresa Brown
Therese & Gary Jenshak
Thomas & Donna Wilson
Thomas Ness
Thrivent Choice
Thrivent Financial
Tim & Theresa Penegor
Tina DeGrand
Tina Rose
TJ’s Auto Spa
Todd & Lisa Kangas
Todd & Lynn Wulf
Todd & Mary Hurley
Todd Beauchamp
Todd Maki
Tom Skradski
Tom & Deb Abramson
Tom & Lisa Willis
Tom & Marilyn Trudgeon
Tom & Mary Ann Smithson
Tom Kareckas
Tom Sabor
Tom Warstler
Tony & Tracy Millette
Tony Pouliot
Tracy Lektzian
Travis Blume
Trent Bellinger
Triple A Gymnastics
Trotter’s Floral
Troy Carlson
Tyler Mercier
U.P. Filtration & Supply
UP Ophthalmology
UP State Credit Union
Valley Aquatic Solutions
Vance Hiney
VFW Post 2998
Viau’s Market
Vicky & Jay Kirby
Vicky Kirby
Vivian & Madelynn Wagner
Wally’s Bar
Wayne & Beth Peterson
Wayne & Marla Stenberg
Wells Lioness
Wells Lions Club
Wendy’s Restaurant
White’s Grocery
Will & Arlene Carne
William Gasman
William Gerou
Xcell Graphix