Adam Deiter

YMCA membership is a family affair for Abram Deiter who has been coming to the YMCA about as long as he can remember or as he puts it, since “birth”. His parents Amy and Rod are frequent YMCA users and his brother Brett is a YMCA Childcare “Hall of Famer”. He has two other brothers Aaron and Ryan. It’s no doubt that Abram is a lucky boy surrounded by family love with two nieces, one nephew and “Lots of great Aunts and Uncles and two wonderful Grandmothers”. He even has a wonderful dog named “Merlin”.

But if all of this love and security wasn’t enough, Abram also has the Y in his life. “I like all the stuff at the Y like soccer, basketball, golf, dodgeball, football and kickball. I like to go to the Y and kick my soccer ball around.”

His “Y Family” includes some favorite coaches like Mr. Shields and Mr. Mylander and he has really become close friends with YMCA Youth Coordinator, Steve Carpenter.

“My whole family comes to the Y to exercise but I just like to play” he said.

Abram has a great smile and a great outlook on life summing up his philosophy by saying “Do your best and forget the rest”. He also gives really simple advice to anyone he knows…”Join”.