Art Radlicki

Art is very thankful to be able to tell his YMCA story. In July 2013 he was in a near fatal car crash. “My car was t-boned and rolled over on the highway, he recalls”. As a result his neck and back were broken in several places and had to have surgery to correct that. Every doctor he seen told him that he shouldn’t be here and certainly shouldn’t be walking into their offices. However, the fact is he is able to walk and use his arms. After surgery, Art went into a long recovery. He started intense therapy at U.P. Rehab. It was there that he learned about the physical therapy maintenance program at the YMCA. His doctor and U.P. Rehab transitioned him through this program which was a critical and extremely helpful part of his recovery process which continues to this day.

One thing the accident has taught Art is that “We do not know how much time we have. Therefore, we should work hard to make the most impact with the time that we do have.”

Art has good advice for someone that is currently in physical therapy and wondering what the next step is. “Ask your therapist if they have a cooperative program at the YMCA. The Y and your therapist will tailor a program just for you. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without God, my family’s support, and the physical therapy maintenance program.”