Bob Goebel Sr.

Bob Goebel was born July 5, 1916. He has been a Y member since 1990, participating in both the pool and the fitness center.

Bob’s swimming ability as a youth was immediately notable. In a Michigan High School swim meet, Bob swam anchor on the medley relay team. That team swam the fastest time of any high school team in the United States. While competing regularly in swimming, Bob also played football and ran track. One day Bob followed his swim competition with running a track event which he also won.

Bob continued his swimming all his life and has 50 medals from competing as a Master’s Swimmer. Again, Bob was part of a relay team that was the fastest in the United States for their age group. The last time Bob competed was when he was 74 years old and he won both the breaststroke and freestyle events.

Bob’s history also includes extensive years with the Pontiac Police Department, the Vice Squad, and the FBI. At each step along the way, Bob achieved high honors and recognition culminating with a letter and citation from J Edgar Hoover for a case Bob solved while he was with the FBI.

Bob was married for 75 years. His family includes two sons and a daughter and three great, great, grandchildren.

Bob is quick to encourage others to become Y members. He feels that having a place where he can continue his active lifestyle helps keep him healthy. But he also points out that the camaraderie he experiences with all of the different people at the Y is “just wonderful”.

The Y is delighted to have Bob Goebel Sr. as a member and inspiration to all.