Cole & Kelby Reese

Family Tradition…for most families it revolves around a special occasion or a Holiday. For the Reese children Cole and Kelby, it revolves around the YMCA. They’ve been coming to the Y since they were 6 months old and 6 weeks old respectively.

Cole and Kelby are the son and daughter of Adrienne and Daryl St. Vincent and the grandkids of long-time YMCA members Dave and Linda Jerick.

The Reese kids are involved in just about everything. Swim Lessons, Football, Basketball and their very favorite…Y Day Camp. It’s become a big part of their young social lives providing opportunities to meet friends and mentors. Cole especially likes his older buddy and role model Zach Rose who was previously in our Member Spotlight. Zach volunteers for Y Day Camp and in sports programs. Cole also met one of his best school chums, Kevin Smith at the YMCA. Kelby has made lots of friends as well, Emmy Salo and Addison Blowers, both children of Y staff are among her main reasons for liking the Y.

Although friendship is huge to them, the Reese children have also learned lifetime skills like swimming and perhaps something just as valuable, YMCA core values. It’s reflected in their personal philosophies. Cole says “Always be nice, kind, honest and share”. Kelby says “The YMCA has taught me to be nice to everyone.”  These ideas and values are woven through many of the programs they’ve taken over the years.

When asked if they would recommend the Y to someone else, Cole sums it up best with his recommendation to others “I’m a Y-Kid and it Rocks!” Kelby just adds. “I love this place!”. We think that says it all.