Eva Pankonien

Eva is a lucky 4 year-old. Lucky because she has loving parents (Dad-Trevor and Mom-Nikki) a Black Lab named Marley and a fat cat named Rudy. But if you had to add icing to that Lucky Cake, Mom says you could add the YMCA Childcare Program!

The Pankonien’s moved back to the area in 2012 and were looking for a quality childcare program that offered them the same loving environment that their home care provider had offered. They had heard wonderful things about the YMCA Childcare Program so decided to check it out. They found out that all the rumors were true! Here’s what Nikki says “We have been over-joyed with the friendly childcare staff…so much so that I actually look forward to seeing them each morning or night that we drop Eva off. Coming to the YMCA was an easy decision for us because we knew about the family friendly environment the YMCA strives to provide.”

If asked what they would tell a friend about the YMCA, the Pankonien’s they said they would tell them: “You have the choice to get as involved as you’d like with the YMCA. They have great programs to offer your kids but it is up to you how involved you’d like to be They definitely provide a very welcoming environment for you!