Holly Nylund

Imagine at the age of 27 that you are told that you have stage 3 Colon Cancer. Now imagine going through 6 months of chemotherapy that leaves you in a weakened state both physically and mentally. If you do you will understand why Holly Nylund of Escanaba needed the YMCA and some additional help from a trainer to regain her health and get her life back on track. The day after she completed her chemo in January of 2012, she joined the Y and hired a trainer.

Holly was fortunate to find Bron Harmon as a personal trainer. She found they connected on many levels. “She knows exactly what I need without my having to tell her.” Bron knowing when to push and when not to, led Holly back to wellness. She took the time to also discuss Holly’s personal issues as well, forming a bond between trainer and client that will endure.

Holly’s recovery continued in the summer of 2012 by becoming married to Dan Nylund. Now Dan also comes to the YMCA and plays basketball while Holly is training. They live in Escanaba in the “Lofts on Ludington” where Holly says “It feels like we’re living in the Big City.”

All of these life changing developments have left Holly with the philosophy that you should enjoy the present moment. She tries not to worry about the future or speculate on the past. “Happiness is a choice and we can’t wait for happiness to find us. We need to be happy with where we are and what we have.”

Holly would recommend the Y because whether you join for fitness or other reasons, it doesn’t take long to realize all the additional benefits of being a member. It’s the relationships you form that make all the difference.