Jay Kirby

Bad things can happen to good people. Ask Jay Kirby. Seven years ago he was involved in a Snowmobile accident that severely damaged his left leg. So much so, that he nearly lost it. But after surgery and rehab, he was on the mend. His Physical Therapist knew that even though he was done with his therapy, he needed to gain strength and endurance and he recommended he join the YMCA. Jay found a positive atmosphere that he loved and the YMCA found a member it could love right back.

Jay’s road to full recovery meant a commitment to coming to the YMCA almost every day. This was a challenge because Jay didn’t have any prior exercise habits. It was something entirely new to him. But he has managed to stick with it for almost 7 years now (except for a few brief vacations to go to camp). The results have been great! He has regained his mobility and has added to the positive environment with his smiles and positive outlook. One of Jay’s favorite parts of his visits is reading the inspirational quotes the YMCA posts near the locker rooms each day.

In addition to regaining his health, Jay would be the first to attribute a big part of his inherent happiness to his wife of 32 years Vicki and his two grown children Jannelle and Justin. He also has been blessed with two grandchildren and has one on the way. So things can’t get much better for him!

If asked why someone should join the Y, Jay says “it’s a place for everyone and can fulfill needs for many different circumstances. It’s a place for seniors, families, youth…everyone!” We couldn’t agree more and we love having Jay as part of our “everyone”.