Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson and the YMCA go back…WAY back! In fact, Jim was even present at the birth of the YMCA in Delta County in 1985. Hired as the Bay College Physical Education instructor in 1965, Jim had been walking the walk as well as talking the talk for over 20 years before the Y came to town! But it wasn’t until 1985 that Jim became involved with the YMCA by encouraging the use of the Bay College gymnasium by the YMCA which helped pave the way for the outstanding community partnership that followed.

Lifelong residents of the U.P. Jim and his wife Gini have two sons Jim II and Jason. Jim and Gini have made their home in Delta County and they also enjoy a family camp in Wilson.

Jim appreciates and understands what the YMCA is trying to accomplish in terms of Wellness within our community. One of his main enjoyments is: “exercising and talking with men and women who have the same interest in lifetime Wellness”. It’s an extension of his deep belief in the principals of Wellness. He believes in all the components of Wellness: Spiritual-Social-Emotional-Intellectual and Physical because they all affect and influence a person’s life.

Jim’s advice to anyone who is thinking of joining the YMCA is to “Start NOW!” adding “It’s never too late to start and keep yourself in shape. The benefits are life-long.”

We’re proud to have had a life-long association with Jim Henderson and to share his commitment to Wellness.