Joe Muelhaus

YMCA Member: Joe MuelhausIf you asked Joe Muelhaus what’s important to him, without a doubt the first things he’d list is his family; his wife Barb, daughter Jennifer, son Adam and his grandson Finn, after that, it might be basketball. He puts it this way: “I love basketball and the YMCA had noon ball for me to play. Some of my old friends started playing at noon and we found we could talk to each other and keep up on each other’s lives by meeting at the Y and playing ball.” It was a good fit all the way around.

Soon Joe’s love for the game carried over into helping other young basketball players develop. It isn’t unusual to see Joe in the gym with a couple of young players encouraging them and showing them the finer points of the game.

But it isn’t just the gym and the game that keeps Joe coming. “One thing that’s special to me and my wife is how clean and well-kept the YMCA is” he said. “The pool, hot tub, and sauna are also my favorite spots to enjoy at the Y” he added.

Joe has maintained and developed friendships at the Y and he finds the staff is part of his circle of friends saying “The staff is very helpful and courteous at all times”.

The circle of friendship and purpose Joe has found at the Y has helped him through some health problems and rehab needs. It fits into his personal philosophy with him saying “There is more to live when you exercise” and “I live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

We like Joe as much as he likes coming to the Y and if you happen to see him here please observe the Golden Rule and say “hello”. You’ll get a smile and who knows, he might give you some tips on the game of basketball!