Katie Pinar

KatiePinarKatie Pinar knows the meaning of “service”. She learned that the old fashioned way through serving all of us in the military for 14 years. So she knows good service when she sees it. That’s one of the reasons she likes the YMCA.

Katie’s relationship with the Y started over 20 years ago as a Bay Student and she’s been coming to the Y off and on ever since. She takes spin classes and has trained with personal trainers enjoying the camaraderie with her instructors. She also has developed relationships with others in the Fitness Center, finding that the people at the Y always encourage each other. Now her 10 year-old son Zach is following in her footsteps and developing a relationship with the Y.

The Y has always been there for her and that’s good because another thing Katie learned in the military is to never quit! She finds discipline and dedication are the keys to success in life, going as far as having a tattoo that proclaims “Mind over Matter”.

If someone were thinking of joining the Y Katie would say “Do it! It’s a great non-intimidating environment with friendly staff that are always helpful”. Like we said, Katie knows good service when she sees it!