Laura Piron

Laura Piron doesn’t do endorsements for Nike but she could! She’s got a smile that can light up a gym and she loves their long time slogan “Just do It”! She is also an extremely good example of what a good fitness program looks like. At 57 she has the profile and energy of women half her age and has kept the fire burning for over 25 years!

With her husband Joe and daughter Adrienne and a pet family of a dog named Zoey and a cat named Harley, Laura has a busy life. It would be easy to push aside the time to work out. But Laura has been a faithful attendee in Y Fitness Programs for decades. “I come to the YMCA to ensure I DO work out” she said. “There is less likelihood of me not doing anything once I am here. It’s a healthy commitment!” she added.
Laura finds what she needs in a fitness program at the YMCA finding we provide the important elements she’s looking for. “I have made many new friends and I love to meet old friends here too. I also come to the Y because it’s clean and a safe place to work out.”

Laura’s personal philosophy is important in her success. “I believe a person should try to stay healthy through diet and exercise. It will lead to a more productive and rewarding life” she says.
If anyone asks her, Laura would be quick to give them this advice. “Join the Y! There are lots of options for you to consider in picking classes or an activity you would like to participate in…Just Do It!”