Lionel & Sharon Herioux

Five, Ten or Twenty years…how long does it take before a person or a couple in this case, becomes a “fixture” at a place? We don’t know for sure, but we can say that Lionel and Sharon Herioux have been at the YMCA long enough! Because they are a “fixture” here and that means the place wouldn’t be the same without them.

You can see either of them winding their way in almost any weekday with their smile and goodwill following right behind them. These

parents of 4 and grandparents of 11 are dedicated exercisers who put “family first”. So it’s a good thing that a lot of their family members are also involved here as swimmers, lifeguards and in past years, the childcare program.

They first became involved personally with the Y upon retirement. One of their daughters said “Now you have no excuse to not take better care of yourself” and signed them up for membership at the Y. They’ve been attending ever since and encouraging each other. Lionel shared: “Though sometimes we procrastinate, by coming together, we offer encouragement to each other when one of us is unmotivated”. “By coming we find we are healthier both physically and mentally” he added.

Their dedication is in response to finding a second home at the YMCA. “The facility is great, the people are welcoming and the hours are very accommodating” Lionel shared. “There is no judging of your ability and the trainers are helpful” he added.

No wonder they’ve become a “fixture” here. That’s fine with us! In fact we’d love to have more like them!