Makenna Mills

Sometimes good things come in really small packages. Take Makenna Mills for example, at age 4 she’s small, but has a really good YMCA story. Listen to her Mom Tonja, tell it:

Makenna Mills“Makenna started coming to the YMCA Childcare program when she was just 2 ½ years-old. It was a big change for her going from an in-home daycare with just a few kids to a childcare program with a room full of kids. At first she was scared, but the teachers at the Y made her feel very loved and safe. After she had been there a while and had adapted, she found out it was a very fun place. She likes the Y because she gets to learn during pre-school time, do fun projects and has lots of new friends. She also likes gym class because she gets to burn off some of her energy.”

Once Makenna turned 3 she could participate in swim lessons while her parents were at work. The family really appreciates this opportunity because this left them more time in the evening for family things.

According to her Mom, if Makenna were to give other pre-school children advice, she’d tell them to come to the Y too saying: “The YMCA has a lot to offer people of all ages. We love it at the YMCA and you will too!”