Sue Harris

sueharrisSue’s Y journey initially began in 1985 when a friend coerced her into a water aerobics class and she was instantly hooked. When the current facility opened, she began attending the early morning lap swim and since then has only missed weeks when she was sick or out of town.

Friends, old and new, continue to be a huge part of the Y experience. The early morning crew has become a family – when one person is missing for several days, the others are concerned. “Knowing you will be missed certainly is a great motivator on those cold mornings when a warm bed is more enticing than a pool!”

Sue often tells people she lap swims or water jogs as much for her mental health as her physical well-being. Although her natural outlook is a positive one, her pool exercise time enhances her ability to deal with whatever challenges she experiences at work and in daily life.

At almost 67 years young, despite some foot and knee problems, Sue is still working at full tilt, traveling to wonderful places around the world, and enjoying a great life with her husband Tom, family and friends. The time she spends at the Y is an investment in her well-being and mobility allowing her to pursue personal and work goals. She is very thankful that the Island Resort & Casino Wellness Program partnership with the Y further supports these goals. She also encourages anyone that is pursuing their personal wellness goals to join the welcoming facilities and staff. “Membership helps open the doors to a happy and productive life!”

When it comes to Sue’s personal outlook on life, it is one that we completely agree with. She mentions “Life is a true gift and each day needs to be lived to the fullest with my guiding principle being the Golden Rule-treat others as you would like to be treated.” Who can argue with that?