Tom Blahnik

Tom BlahnikIf you are in the Y when Tom Blahnik is, you will be treated to one of the biggest, day brightening smiles ever.

Tom has been a Y member off and on for the past ten years. He grew up in the Carney Nadeau area. He worked for the State of Michigan Department of Human Services for thirty years. He retired 5 ½ years ago and is loving retirement.

Tom has battled weight problems all his life and his weight has constantly yo-yoed up and down. However ten months ago, a couple of conversations changed everything. First, Tom announced to his son that he was going on a weight reduction plan and this time he would stick to it. His son said he didn’t believe it because it had never happened before. He also told his dad that if he continued the way he was going he would never be around to watch his grandchildren play in their various sports. At the same time, Tom explained to Paddy Fitch that he had not been coming to the Y regularly because of his weight and appearance. Paddy was very quick and firm informing Tom that no one cared about what he looked like or how much he weighed. Everyone at the Y just wanted to see him there. She also suggested adding a pool workout routine in addition to his elliptical workout.

In the past ten months Tom has lost 100 pounds, a giant step on his journey toward a healthier life! He intends to make sure that he will be around to continue to watch his grandchildren and he says when he reaches his desired weight he is going to go dancing! In addition, his new ‘keep moving’ mind set has him feeling wonderful and adds to his already positive attitude.

When asked what he would tell someone thinking of joining the Y, he said “It is a great experience. It is like a large family. The pool atmosphere with the positive attitudes of the staff and the camaraderie of everyone at the Y makes it all very special.”

So is Tom Blahnik!