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Fall Swim Season Workshop New and Improved


AGES: 6-18
WHEN: Sept. 11, 13, 16, 18, 23, 25, 27
TIME: 4:45-6 pm
COST: $33 Members; $67 General Public

Did you know that the fastest that your swimmer should be moving in a race is after the start and after every turn? This workshop will focus on the details of competitive swimming including starts, turns and breakouts. These clinics will teach your swimmer how to maximize their speed at these key points in a race and how to maintain that momentum.


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Private Swim Lessons

One-on-one private swim lessons are available by purchasing a punch card from the YMCA Welcome Desk for one, three or five lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes in length, scheduled as desired based on instructor availability. Participants need to keep track of card and present it at each lesson. Please call 774-4076 for more information or to register.

AGES: Any age

WHEN: As scheduled with instructor


    • 1 Lesson: $20 Members; $40 for General Public
    • 3 Lessons: $55 Members; $110 General Public
    • 5 Lessons: $85 Members; $170 General Public

There will be a 40% up-charge for having two participants in a lesson.

WHERE: NLYMCA-Dickinson Center Pool

Adult Lap Swim Training

Program provides training for competitors, as well as triathletes and fitness swimmers. Class is led by experienced coaches and aims to meet individual swimmers’ needs. Designed for, but not limited to, the intermediate or advanced swimmer who would like to improve on endurance and stroke technique. Competitive swimmers and beginners are welcome! Coaches will be on deck, and workouts will be pre-formatted.

AGES: 13 and up
WHEN: Monday 7:45-8:45 pm & Thursday 6:10-7 pm
COST PER SESSION: $36 Members; $87 for General Public
WHERE: NLYMCA-Dickinson Center Pool

Lifeguard Certification (Starts Sept 10)

This class is offered several times a year.

In Lifeguard Training, participants learn:

  • Incident prevention and victim recognition
  • Decision-making skills
  • Lifeguard supervision systems
  • How to handle special lifeguarding environments and situations
  • How to make safe and effective rescues

Must be able to complete pre-course skills test:

  • 550 yards swim (Freestyle/Breaststroke mix)
  • Treading water for 2 min without use of hands
  • 40 yard swim to retrieve 10 lb brick from 10 ft pool depth within allowed time.
  • Swim under water for 15 yds while retrieving 3 submerged rings

DATES: September 10 – October 3
WHEN: Mondays & Wednesdays 4-8 PM

Participants must attend all sessions, unless pre-arranged with instructor.

To register, contact John at jleech@nlymca.com

AGES: Must be 15 years of age by class end date
COST: $175 for Members, $220 for General Public


NLY Swim Team

Swim team runs October to mid-March.

Learn the fundamental skills of competitive swimming, including proper stroke technique. We focus on team building and use competition as a tool to teach the values of discipline, self-improvement, and sportsmanship. Participants between the ages of 6-18, and swimming ability of the YMCA Stroke Introduction level or better are welcome. The first day of practice is October 3, 2017 and the season will end March 16, 2018. Must be annual YMCA member!
Parent meeting will be held on Thursday, September 6, at 6:30 pm at the YMCA.

NAVY GROUP (Begins Tuesday, October 2)
AGES: 13 and up COST: $412
WHEN: Sunday & Monday 4:45-6:45 pm; Tuesday & Thursday 4:45-6 pm

GREEN GROUP (Begins Tuesday, October 2)
AGES: 11 & 12 COST: $237
WHEN: Sunday 5:30-6:45 pm; Tuesday & Thursday 4:45-6 pm

WHITE GROUP (Begins Thursday, October 4)
AGES: 10 and under COST: $206
WHEN: Sunday 4-5:10 pm; Wednesday 4:45-6 pm; Thursday 6:10-7 pm
Age is a guideline, swimmers may be moved based on skill level.
**10% discount for additional swimmers in same family.
Members of KHS Swim Team can swim before and after KHS swim season for $140.

NOTE: Must be registered and paid by October 11, 2018 to be eligible for first swim meet; NLYMCA Halloween Splash and Bash Saturday October 27, 2018.

Adult/Teen Swim (13 and up)

It’s never too late to learn and benefit from swimming lessons! We provide personalized instruction for the adult swimmer. Join today, space is limited!

WHEN: Wednesday
TIME: 6:30-7:10 pm
COST PER SESSION: Members: $19 General Public: $45

Space is limited.  Please register at the front desk.

Youth Swim Lessons

All lessons include personal safety & growth, stroke development, rescue, water games and sports.

  • Water Movement (Formerly Polliwog) – For beginning swimmers who need assistance in the water.
  • Water Stamina (Formerly Guppy)– To enroll, students must have successfully completed Water Movement OR be able to swim 75 feet with-out a flotation device.
  • Stroke Introduction (Formerly Minnow)– To enroll, students must have successfully completed Water Stamina OR be able to swim 75 feet with proficient front crawl, elementary back stroke and back crawl.

AGES: 6-12 years


  • Water Stamina: Monday & Wednesday 5:45-6:25 pm
  • Water Stamina: Tuesday 7-7:40 pm
  • Water Stamina: Saturday 8-8:40 am
  • Stroke Introduction: Monday & Wednesday 5:45-6:25 pm
  • Stroke Introduction: Tuesday 7-7:40 pm
  • Stroke Introduction: Saturday 8:45-9:25 am
  • Stroke Development: Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:10 pm
  • Stroke Development: Saturday 9:30-10:10 am


  • Monday & Wednesday class: $36 Members; $87 General Public
  • Tuesday or Saturday class only: $19 Members; $45 General Public

Space is limited.  Please register at the front desk.

Click here for help deciding what level to choose.

Preschool Swim Lessons

Children are taught basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming.

Water Exploration/Acclimation (Formerly Preschool Level 1):

  • Monday & Wednesday 5:00-5:40 pm; $36 Members; $87 General Public
  • Tuesday 6:10-6:50 pm; $19 Members; $45 General Public
  • Saturday 8-8:40 am; $19 Members; $45 General Public

Water Movement (Formerly Preschool Level 2):

  • Monday & Wednesday 5:00-5:40 pm; $36 Members; $87 General Public
  • Tuesday 6:10-6:50 pm; $19 Members; $45 General Public
  • Saturday 8:45-9:25 am; $19 Members; $45 General Public

Space is limited.  Please register at the front desk.

Click here for help deciding what level to choose.

Parent – Child Swimming

WATER DISCOVERY (Formerly Parent/Tot)

Ages: 6-36 months
WHEN: Monday (6:30-7 pm) OR Saturday (9:30-10 am)
COST PER SESSION: $9 Members; $19 General Public

Space is limited. Please register at the YMCA Welcome Desk.