How do I become a member of the YMCA?
To join the YMCA, you pay a one-time joining fee and a prorated amount for your first month up front, and then the regular monthly membership fee is deducted automatically each month on or around the 15th of the month. While you can pay your initial sign-up fees in cash, a valid payment method must be provided to the YMCA at time of sign-up to maintain regular membership. The YMCA accepts credit card, checking or savings accounts, or debit card for the monthly membership fee. You are free to cancel at anytime, but keep in mind the automatic withdrawal is on the 15th, so if you don't want to be charged for the next month, you must cancel no later than the end of business on the 14th. The YMCA does not refund for cancellation requests made after the 15th. Please CLICK HERE to see current membership rates and joining fees.

What is the one-time joining fee?
Each member is asked to pay a one-time joining fee as a mission investment. These dollars are primarily used for non-expansion capital improvements like new equipment, building repairs and preventative maintenance. It is a one-time fee good for as long as the membership is active and in good standing. If you cancel your membership and rejoin, you will be subject to the joining fee again, unless rejoining within 30 days of your cancellation.

Is financial assistance available?
As part of our mission, we believe all should have access to the YMCA and its programming, regardless of ability to pay. Thanks to support from donors to our Annual Campaign, the YMCA offers scholarship assistance based on applicants income and situation. Should you need assistance with membership of programming fees, please inquire about our scholarship program. You can also CLICK HERE for a scholarship form.

How much is it to use the Y if I don’t have a membership?
Membership is the best value if you plan you use the Y even just a few times every month. However, we do offer day passes and prepaid short term non-refundable memberships for those visiting for a short time. Please CLICK HERE to see membership, short-term membership and day pass prices.

Can I buy a day pass or membership just for the pool?

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, single memberships can be put on hold for a $10 monthly processing fee. Family memberships can be placed on hold for a $20 monthly processing fee. Members are entitled to one hold per calendar year for no more than 3 months. Holds cannot be split throughout the year. Medical holds, with a verified doctor's note, are free.

Can I use my Y membership at other YMCAs?
Yes. Our YMCA is part of the Nationwide YMCA membership program. Other participating YMCAs across the country can look up and verify your active YMCA membership.

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When does the Y have open swim?
CLICK HERE to see our daily pool schedule.

What’s the water temperature today?
With our new state of the art pool filtration and heating system, the pool temperature rarely varies from 83-84 degrees.

Do you guys have a hot tub/whirlpool?

Can I put water on the rocks in the Sauna?
No. The Sauna is a dry sauna.

How old do you have to be to use the sauna?
Sauna users must be 16 or older.

What type of clothing is acceptable in the sauna?
Appropriate clothing is required - swim wear is recommended. No long sleeves, plants, hoodies, sweatshirts or street clothes are allowed. No shoes are allowed, but flip flops are OK.

What else should I know about the sauna?
You must shower after using sauna if you plan to use the pool. No cell phones are allowed. No eating, drinking or shaving in the sauna. The YMCA reserves the right to revoke sauna privileges for violation of rules or other improper behavior.

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What age do I have to be to use the fitness center?
The fitness center is open to members and non-member day pass users age 16 or older. As a member-only benefit, individuals ages 12-15 can have access to the fitness after taking a fitness orientation. Users must be accompanied by an adult (21 or older) when in the fitness center, unless the youth has reached high school. All members under 16 using the fitness are required to check out a Youth Fitness Band at the front desk before entering the fitness center.

Are classes included with membership?
Yes! All group exercise, excluding spin, is included with your monthly membership fee.

Can I ride the spin bikes in the spin studio?
No. Spin bikes are an extra fee for members and non-members. You can take spin classes by paying a single class drop in rate or purchasing a full five-week session. We also offer an unlimited Spin Pass per five week sessions. Spin Pass purchasers can take part in ANY spin class at any time and also have access to the spin bikes during non-class time.

Can I work out barefoot or in sandals?
No. Clean, dry gym shoes are required in the Fitness Center.

Are food and beverage allowed in Fitness Center?
Beverages in a sealed container are allowed. Open cups must be left in the cubicles. Food must be eaten in the main hallway/lounge area.

Can I move equipment in order to have more room for my exercises, such as lunges?
No. Please do not move any equipment other than the wheeled benches near the dumbbell racks. If you need more room for exercise, use the hallway, gymnasium or the Skyloft (when classes are not in session).

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How come there is no place to park?
The front lot of the YMCA is a popular place to park, but we also have parking on the east and west sides of the building. It is extremely rare for all these spaces to be filled outside of a large swim meet or other special event.

Where can I find information about YMCA programming?
We publish a brochure online three times a year covering our Fall, Winter and Summer sessions. Please visit our HOME PAGE and click on 'brochure' to view the current programming brochure. Hard copies are available by request from the Welcome Desk. You can also view information and sign up for programming online by CLICKING HERE.

Who can use the Family Locker Rooms?
The Family Locker Rooms are reserved for use by families with children and for those with special needs. All other members and guests are required to use the regular locker rooms. No children of the opposite sex allowed in the men’s or women’s locker rooms.

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